Working with Eye Shadow…

A lot of the women that I speak to are very shy about using color on their eyelids. I can say that majority of this fear comes from not knowing how to choose and layer colors appropriately, which is the trick to creating any makeup look. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Color Matching

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.22.02 PMRemember the color wheel from art class? Well, it comes in handy with makeup too! The most natural way to enhance your eye color is to use a color wheel as your guide. You want to chose a color that is opposite of your natural/current eye color. For instance, my eyes are mossy green, so I will use deep mauves and purples to make my eyes pop. Note: colors towards the inside of the wheel are more classic, and are better for daytime. Outer wheel colors tend to be very bold and best suited for evening. As always, choose according to your preference and personal style/comfort level.

You may notice that many shadows come in sets of 3 or 4- these complimentary sets are great to help pull together a cohesive look. When working with shadows, apply the mid-tone shade on the lid as your base, then gently add the darkest shade in the crease to contour- slowly building in intensity until you get the desired look, and finally, add the lightest shade on the brow-bone to highlight. And always remember to blend blend blend! You don’t want harsh lines where color begins and ends.

Blue Eyes:

Earthy tones like light golden brown, taupe and even mossy greens are perfect for bringing out the warmth in blue eyes during the day. The deeper and richer the color, the more bold the look. Dark blues accented with rosy mid-tones are perfect for nighttime as well.

Green Eyes:

As stated above, shades in the mauve/lilac family are the way to go. Mochas, deep purples, and even smoky mossy greens can all be added in layers to complete a bolder evening look.

Hazel Eyes:

From terracotta and peaches, to lighter oyster colors and shades of light lavender during the day, to deep navy and aluminum grays at night, hazel eyes are a treat, because you can basically choose from any color on the wheel to work with. Lucky you!

Brown Eyes:

Fret not my brown-eyed beauties! Browns have a wealth of depth to them. Stick to colors like sand, copper and gold during the day. Stay away from muddy brown colors though- lighter taupe/sand colors works best for a classic daytime look. For evening, try cobalt, deep navy, or even eggplant colors to make a bold statement.

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