To the Unapologetic Preppy Girls of Instagram, thank you.

Three years ago, a co-worker commented on my overwhelming use of black and navy in my wardrobe, dubbing me the “queen of the little black dress.” That night, standing in my little walk in closet- I had a large epiphany… I had buried a good part of my femininity away for fear of looking juvenile, or God forbid, silly. I had created all of these weird restrictions around what I thought was appropriate, due to gossip, the opinions of others, and the stifling boardrooms of the corporate world. God knows, some of the most successful women of our time often struggle with what they wear to work.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.55.32 PMDon’t get me wrong- I have and will always be feminine. I wore clothes that accentuated my feminine curves, but as I grew older, I started to hold back on things that I really loved. I had tucked my preppy self away, along with many traces of pinks and purples and “girllie” things… often being very cynical of those who relished in all its fantastic glory. And then I found the girls of Instagram- a large number of women out there who are unapologetic in their femininity. Their hair flows well past their shoulders, unlike the sharp corporate bobs I had been privy to. Their love of Lilly Pulitzer, plaids, and monograms abound. They love family, makeup and pearls and good home cooking that gathers all they seemingly love around a well-set table. And I found myself wondering why I was holding back so much? Why did I care what others thought, if it made me happy? Why not share that? Listen, I am not saying we have to tablescape every table setting based off Pinterest, but knowing how to set an attractive table for our family or guests should not be a lost art. Why is being a feminine woman so controversial now?

I recently read article on “The Cut” (NY Mag) “What Do You Really Mean When You Say ‘Basic Bitch’?” and I have to say that it changed my mind a bit, on the terminology my cynical-self often tossed around. Now, while I think wearing UGGS on a treadmill at the gym is ridiculous, I do have to agree that:

“The basic girl is also someone who isn’t into androgyny. She likes being a woman…She expresses traditionally feminine desires, like wanting to get married or to have kids. She doesn’t have a poker face when it comes to those things, and doesn’t see the point in trying to develop one. She likes what she likes and she doesn’t care if it doesn’t make her outwardly special.”

Somewhere between that day in my closet, Instagram, and my present-day overly feminine closet, I became “basic” to many… but that’s ok. Basic girls seem to be very happy, as am I…and (because I have had enough white wine), I will now quote Audrey Hepburn, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.” <3

Goodnight lovelies!


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