You Better #WorkBXXch!

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 5.11.43 AMUgh…having a third kid in my thirties is no joke! I suddenly find myself wondering when my body decided it had a life of its own. I have found that unlike my twenties, it has taken a lot more work in order to get back into shape. Luckily, good genes are on my side and I have been blessed with getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes shortly after birth (thank you mama!), but my clothes all fit differently. Apparently along with a newborn, I got a serious booty now! Which, if you are j Lo or Beyonce, is perfectly fine. Not so much for a 5″2 girllie like myself –  I’m not trying to rock a Kardashian booty– that thing is OUT OF CONTROL!

So…I started the Kayla Itsines program. While it’s inherent marketing is to get you a ‘Bikini Body in 12 Weeks,” I am really focusing on trying to get my muscle tone back to where it was before. Listen, I’m certainly not expecting to look like I did pre-kids, but a toned body is one I can get back, for sure.

kayla itsines instagramI have to say that if you are a person that loves a community rallying behind you as you work out (’cause ya know- if you aren’t posting that you are at the gym an dhow far you ran or what you lifted, how do we all know that you worked out?!!), this is the community for you. I have found that on days when I am kinda ‘bleh’ about going to the gym, which becomes a feat in and of itself with a three month old…her Instagram account is nothing short of motivating. Too bad I can’t have InstaAbs. In addition, adding a few hashtags relative to her community, like #BBG or #KaylasArmy…opens you up to a ton of social interaction, which is another great motivator. I have found that a lot of the girls on there are very supportive, which keeps you honest and more importantly- keeps you going.

I will say that to some, the program is a bit expensive, but I have spent more on personal trainers in the past and THE BEST PART is that it comes as a digital download, so you can use this on the go- A MUST for me as we tend to travel a lot. Having it connected on all of my devices is just necessary. Period. If you decide to do the program, let me know how you are making out. I have had to re-do certain weeks due to being sick and running smack into the holidays, but I am motivated. Hell, if nothing else…looking good in a bikini after three kids can’t be all that bad! Follow me on Instagram as I sweat my way through…Atlantis here we come! 🙂

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