Sneak Peek: Birthday Prep is Underway!

birthday party favorsThe holiday season is my most favorite time of year, and as many of you know, 8 years ago I was blessed with the most precious baby girl…on Christmas Eve! While this was quite an exciting event, over the years it has posed a lot of extra planning around the holiday season to ensure that Olivia feels December 24th is her Birthday, and not “Christmas Eve Birthday.”

This year, we are going super girllie, which isn’t a big departure from Olivia’s normal day-to-day. She is all about having everything glittery and pink, which of course, I love. So, this year we are taking a page out of Lilly Pulitzer‘s book and pulling our color palette from there. Everything for our party favors was purchased at Michael’s craft store. Bright colored Fruit Tootsie Rolls are the sweet surprise inside these adorable printed bags, which are part of the Recollections Collection, at Michaels. While these party favors were fairly easy to assemble, the miniature safety pins often came apart quite easily and became a MAJOR pain in the butt! Make sure you purchase a few extras just to be safe!

Stay tuned for the full collection of photos from the party!

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